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STEM Toy Systems from Guidecraft

Grippies™ Builders

The first STEM toy system for toddlers, Grippies™ Builders combines tactile exploration, magnetic play and an introduction to the basic principles of engineering and geometry.

Grippies™ Builders – 20 Piece Set
Grippies™ Builders – 30 Piece Set


Better Builders®

Early magnetic STEM toy with many extra features for sensory exploration and fluid constructions.

Better Builders® 26 Piece Set

Better Builders® 30 Piece Set

Better Builders® 60 Piece Set

Better Builders® 100 Piece Set

Better Builders® Reflections 29 Piece Set

Better Builders® Reflections 58 Piece Set


IO Blocks®

Building system inspired by the digital world’s pixelated shapes helps improve problem solving skills. Children create supporting structures learning friction, gravity, and basic engineering principles. Free IO Blocks App teaches children the basics of spatial concepts through an augmented reality building guide.

IO Blocks® 76 Piece Set

IO Blocks® 114 Piece Set

IO Blocks® 192 Piece Set

IO Blocks® 1000 Piece Education Set

IO Blocks® 500 Piece Education Set

IO Blocks® Vehicles Set

IO Blocks® Planes and Boats Set

IO Blocks® Race Cars Set

IO Blocks® Minis 75 Piece Set

IO Blocks® Minis 250 Piece Set

IO Blocks® Minis 425 Piece Set

IO Blocks® Minis 900 Piece Set



With our PowerClix magnetic building toy system, we sought to take some great ideas that came before us and improve upon them in multiple ways. The introduction of the Organics shapes into the system in 2015, enabled children to more easily replicate any creature from the world around them – another part of the definition of successful STEM play.

PowerClix® Frames 26 Piece Set

PowerClix® Frames 48 Piece Set

PowerClix® Frames 74 Piece Set

PowerClix® Frames 100 Piece Set

PowerClix® Solids 24 Piece Set

PowerClix® Solids 44 Piece Set

PowerClix® Solids 70 Piece Set

PowerClix® Solids 94 Piece Set

PowerClix® Organics 26 Piece Set

PowerClix® Organics 48 Piece Set

PowerClix® Organics 74 Piece Set

PowerClix® Organics 100 Piece Set



Award-winning 3 dimensional design and construction system by architect Lester Walker. Children can graduate to advanced architectural models.

Texo® 65 Piece Set

Texo® 100 Piece Set

Texo® 210 Piece Set


Block Science

Unit blocks are the original STEM building toys. Guidecraft’s Block Science Foundation Sets are designed to exercise early engineering concepts, collaboration, and the study of matter, motion and mathematics. Our Big Block Trucks introduce children to simple machines (levers, wheels and axles, gears and pendulums).

Foundation Set A

Foundation Set B

Foundation Set C

People Set of 8

Cars Set

Unit Blocks Set A

Unit Blocks Set B

Unit Blocks Set C

Big Block Wrecking Ball Truck

Big Block Dump Truck

Big Block Tow Truck

Big Block Cement Truck