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The three foundation elements to manipulative play: exploration, discovery and connection to the world around us, are embedded into the design of each Guidecraft Manipulative. Each of these 9 new sets feature Guidecraft’s hallmark smooth sanded beech wood puzzle board and colorful, screened solid rubberwood shapes.


Nest and Stack Shapes

Cylinder Steps









In addition to teaching mathematical concepts and encouraging sensory exploration, our 2017 Manipulatives engage additional skills such as social-emotional development, color exploration and identification, collaboration and more. Encourage cognitive development with activities that are engaging in both the classroom and at home!


Nest and Stack Shapes

Encourages spatial thinking, sequencing and classification techniques using multi-sized shapes made of sturdy and smooth rubberwood. Recognizable shapes can be sorted by size and color as well as nested within the larger shapes.





Cylinder Steps

Five rows of appealing, smooth sanded cylinders, in increasing size and transitioning colors, introduce children to seriation concepts and color gradients. Practice organization and identification skills using the fun cylinders and durable birch plywood puzzle board.






Shape Sorter

Encourage cognitive and fine motor development through sorting and matching with this rewarding and easy-to-grasp Shape Sorter set. Toddlers match the 9 colorful and familiar shapes made of rubberwood to the corresponding shapes on the durable board.




Sort and Stack Shapes

Count, sort and stack chunky rubberwood shapes with the corresponding dowels on the birch plywood puzzle board. Introduce children to mathematical concepts, color recognition and matching using recognizable shapes and colors.








Mix and Match Stacks

Children sort, stack, nest and build while developing color recognition, matching and creativity. The versatile features of these colorful rubberwood blocks and corresponding puzzle board provide countless learning opportunities.




Count and Stack Poppers

Encourage counting and matching skills through exciting auditory stimulation. Stack, pop and separate with easy-to-connect, smooth sanded cylinders and corresponding puzzle board.





Count and Twist Shapes

Children practice color identification, dexterity and fine-motor skills using this rewarding nuts and bolts activity board. The durable birch plywood puzzle board with fixed bolts encourages sorting, counting and the discovery of fractions using the multi-sized nuts.







Count by Color Cylinders

Add, subtract and sort these smooth sanded cylinders with multi-colored stripes for engaging mathematics play. The sturdy board holds pieces in place as young children practice their counting and identification skills.





Nest and Fit Shapes

This durable puzzle board features colorful stationary pegs in familiar shapes and the hallmark soft plastic edges of Guidecraft manipulatives boards. Toddlers discover hidden cutouts within the oversized rubberwood blocks and match to corresponding pegs developing spatial awareness, observational and fine motor skills.